Trade Compliance Education

New to cross-border trade? Perhaps you are seeking additional training on the importation of commercial goods? Here you will find our upcoming calendar for the year. Virtual townhalls have become a popular event type in recent months and in keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of in-class offerings we have transformed our seminars into virtual "Expert Roundtables." These sessions are brought to you free during the pandemic and include an On-Demand component plus a scheduled live Q&A segment. After tuning into the On-Demand course of your choice at your convenience, join our live session to pose your questions to the expert speaker. Moderated by Adriana Petty, she sits our FDA, CFIA, Classification, Valuation, Customs Compliance and Audit experts down for a 30-60 minute Q&A to ask them any and all the questions you may have on that day's topic. On-Demand courses are made up of 2-20 minute modules and each range from 1-2 hours total. To learn more and sign up for our On-Demand and their Expert Roundtable sessions scroll down and click on your desired topic. In-class offerings have been suspended until further notice.

  • Feb 26 — How To Choose The Best Incoterm

  • Jul 15 — NAFTA 2.0 is... CUSMA, USMCA, TMEC

  • Aug 12 — NAFTA 2.0 is... CUSMA, USMCA, TMEC

  • Oct 1 — How To Value A Product For Customs

  • Oct 8 — How To Import CFIA Regulated Goods

  • Oct 8 — How To Import FDA Regulated Goods

  • Oct 22 — How To Import Into Canada

  • Nov 10 — How To Classify A Product

  • Nov 17 — Doing Business In The USA

  • Nov 19 — How To Import Into The US

Professional Development

Are you a professional designate? We’ve got your annual maintenance points here. Whether you’re a CCS, CES, MES, CTCS, a legal, accounting, trade or logistics professional we’ve got your continuing education material. To check what each course will earn you, visit the course pages listed above.
Professional Development

"Education is learning what you didn't know you didn't know."

- Gorge Boas