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New or well-seasoned in cross-border trade? Perhaps you are seeking additional training on the importation/exportation of commercial goods, here you will find valuable resources to match your needs. Whether you or your team is in need of a refresher, or a new team member needs to be brought up to speed on trade regulations, or you are experienced and looking for that next level of education, there is a course for that.

  • Feb 09 | How To Import Into Canada

  • Mar 23 | How To Choose The Best Incoterm

  • Apr 27 | How To Value A Product For Customs

  • Jun 01 | How To Import Into The US

  • Jun 15 | How To Import CFIA Regulated Goods

  • Nov 02 | How To Import FDA Regulated Goods

  • Nov 16 | How To Classify A Product

Upcoming Events

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The experts behind the PCB Learning Center enjoy putting knowledge out in the world, therefore we take every opportunity to partner with other organizations to speak at industry events and panels. The events listed here may be hosted by us with guest panelists or hosted by an external party in which we are a proud guest speaker.

  • Apr 13 | Doing Business In The USA

  • May 11 | Doing Business In Canada

  • Sep 14 | Doing Business In The USA

  • Oct 19 | Doing Business In Canada

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