Have A Niche Product, Process, Or Inquiry?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for today’s importer and exporter. For this reason we often find ourselves developing courses tailored to the individual needs of you, our extremely diverse clientele. If you need a customized lesson molded to your business needs then this is for you. Our experts break down complex trade topics into simple and applicable concepts. You decide the topic, format (online prerecorded or live, or in-person), depth of knowledge, date, time, location and duration.
Have A Niche Product, Process, Or Inquiry?


  • Trade Basics

    With Trade Basics you can learn the fundamentals of importing into Canada and or the U.S. wherein the roles and responsibilities of all the parties involved are identified. Learning how to incorporate customs compliance into your standard operating procedures and best practices is the best way to mitigate border delays or worse consequences. With Trade Basics you're provided an assortment of Customs 101 lessons of documentation, entry considerations, and surviving a customs audit.

  • Trade Must-Knows

    With Trade Must-Knows you can dive deeper into the world of international trade with more complex topics like H.S. tariff classification, valuation, and free trade agreements. Questions to ask yourself when determining a customized course may include: is there a way my company can save money? Will it improve a process? Will it provide potential insight to solve a problem? Will it provide valuable knowledge to move a project along? Is the topic one that cannot easily be ignored? (ie. compliance issues)

  • Trade Specifics

    With Trade Specifics you get up close and personal with trade topics like focusing on Participating Government Agency regulations (ie. CFIA or FDA requirements), other government programs like C-TPAT and PIP, global export, shipping perishables, incoterms, and more. The best part, even when getting to the nitty gritty of the above topics, we will always provide you with a refresher on the Basics and those Must-knows to ensure you’re on top of it all in trade, logistics and customs compliance.

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