There's a common misconception that tariff classification is as simple as looking it up in the book (and sometimes it is!); however, without considering all the aspects that play a role in the classification of a product, you may be inaccurately classifying it and therefore underpaying duty or worse, sometimes even overpaying! In this hour-long webinar offered once annually, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and get them answered live in real time.

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Do you classify your product line for your company’s or customers’ customs documentation? Do you want to better understand how your customs broker determines an HS code? Whether you are the owner, manager, supervisor, coordinator or logistics staff of a company importing into Canada or the US, or needing points for your professional designation then this is for you.
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Are You A Professional Designate?

Whether you’re a CCS, CES, CTCS, MCS, MES, a legal, accounting, trade or logistics professional we’ve got your annual maintenance points and/or study material here.

Topics Include

By taking this course you will walk away with a better understanding of HS code selection with real-time examples of the process so you can directly apply the knowledge at the office. You will learn the ABCs of HS tariff classification from explaining to you what exactly an HS code is to walking you through the classification process of the commodity of your choice! With the knowledge you gain from this course not only will you lay a solid foundation of compliance for your business - as correct tariff classification is the basis of all else in a customs entry - but you will also learn how to follow the GRI rules and how to apply for binding rulings that help your bottom line so you can import with confidence.

  • Harmonized Commodity Description

  • Coding System And Classification Aids

  • Structure, Legal Text And Explanatory Notes

  • General Rules Of Interpretation (GRI)

  • Duty Rates And Binding Rulings

  • Countervailing Duty vs Anti-Dumping Duty

  • Shared Responsibility And Informed Compliance

Professional Development

Earn the eligible 1 CCS/CES points from NEI towards your industry designation(s) by completing the 6 on-demand modules and attend the live webinar.

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Accreditation is provided by the NCBFAA Educational Institute (NEI).

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  • Misty Gibbins

    US Trade Analyst

    Misty Gibbins

    Misty has been working in the brokerage business for over 38 years. She was the manager of the Blaine Office of Peace Bridge Customs Brokers for 9 years, before coming to PCB Customs Brokers (USA). As a Licensed customs broker and Certified Customs Specialist, Misty has worked in the Trade Compliance Group for the past 16 years and currently specializes in trade related regulatory changes as a Senior Trade Analyst.
  • Annette Rowan

    Canadian Trade Advisor

    Annette Rowan

    Certified Customs Specialist, Certified Trade Compliance Specialist and Licensed Customs Broker with over 14 years' experience in Canadian customs brokerage. Annette is a Trade Advisor with PCB Customs Brokers (Canada).
  • Gina Crews

    Strategic Trade Partnerships

    Gina Crews

    Since 2007, Gina Crews has pioneered her way to cultivating trusted partnerships with distinguished market leaders globally. Her monumental career at PCB has seen her take on various hats as a Strategic Trade Partner, fostering and maintaining successful partnerships within our industry.