Are you in charge of completing the customs documents for your company's imports or exports? Are you responsible for your company's customs compliance into the US? Whether you are new to this or not, if your goods enter the United States and you need an expert to take the time to answer your questions, then this series is for you. In Part 1 you learn how to avoid triggering a customs audit by creating a set of practice standards for US Customs compliance and in Part 2 you will learn how to put those practices to work for you with what to do and what to expect when your company is selected for a US Customs audit.

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The material in this course is relevant to ...

You! The material in this bundle is relevant to anyone involved in the US import process within your company at any level or looking for professional development credit. Whether you are the Owner, Manager, Supervisor, Coordinator or Logistics staff of a company importing into the US, under review by CBP, with newly hired staff, or needing points for your professional designation then this is for you.

Professional Development

Are you a professional designate? Whether you’re a CCS, CES, CTCS, MCS, MES, a legal, accounting, trade or logistics professional we’ve got your annual maintenance points and/or study material for your continuing education here. With this course you will earn 5 CCS and 10 CTCS points from CSCB and 3 CCS / MCS points from NEI towards your designation(s). NOTE: To earn these points, you must tune into part 1 and 2 of this on-demand series linked above as well as the live expert roundtable linked here.
Professional Development


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Controller, Natures Formulae Health Products

Victoria Pearson

Controller, Natures Formulae Health Products

I found the information very helpful. I'm completely new to this and this is a great foundation.
Sales Manager, Farmers Fresh Mushrooms Inc.

Angela Austin

Sales Manager, Farmers Fresh Mushrooms Inc.

I did not know it is the importer’s responsibility for correct tariffs. Great to know!
Supply Chain Supervisor, Saltworks Technologies Inc.

Christopher Nichols

Supply Chain Supervisor, Saltworks Technologies Inc.

Exceeded all my expectations. The seminar was very informative!
Operations Technician, Patterson-UTI Drilling Canada Limited

Joe Scully

Operations Technician, Patterson-UTI Drilling Canada Limited

Best part were the documentation examples (Proforma, NAFTA, Invoice).
Import/Export Coordinator, Rimex Supply

Randy Watson

Import/Export Coordinator, Rimex Supply

Met my expectations [particularly] with customs compliance and the repercussions of non-compliance.
Logistics Coordinator, Hillsound Equipment

Brian Gillan

Logistics Coordinator, Hillsound Equipment

Learned a lot and took time to answer questions. Very helpful.
Warehouse Inventory Coordinator, JD Sweid Foods

Dawn Warkentin

Warehouse Inventory Coordinator, JD Sweid Foods

I understand what questions to ask my broker and what exactly their role is.


  • April Collier

    US Trade Advisor

    April Collier

    Licensed Customs Broker and Certified Customs Specialist with 40 years' experience in the import-export industry. April is a Senior Trade Advisor with PCB Customs Brokers (USA).
  • Adriana Petty

    Marketing Specialist & Asst. Graphic Designer

    Adriana Petty

    Adriana spearheaded PCB Global Trade's education program for the last 10 years. With a natural knack for hosting in-person events, online webinars and a love for being on camera she takes on the role of the importer/exporter to moderate, introduce you to the PCB Group and pose your questions to our experts in global trade.