What To Expect?

Did you have a chance to watch the On-Demand course Part 1 & 2? Great! You're now ready to join the Expert Roundtable for How To Import Into The US. This is a 1-hour Q&A session with the expert so bring your customs compliance and customs audit questions and/or examples for which you seek answers or explanations and pose them to us live.

  • Virtual discussion

  • 2022 Dates TBA

  • Online from any computer or mobile device

  • FREE - During COVID19 Pandemic

  • Q&A included

Professional Development

Are you a professional designate? Whether you’re a CCS, CES, CTCS, MCS, MES, a legal, accounting, trade or logistics professional we’ve got your annual maintenance points and/or study material for your continuing education here. With this course you will earn 5 CCS and 10 CTCS points from CSCB and 3 CCS / MCS points from NEI towards your designation(s). NOTE: To earn these points, you must tune into this live expert roundtable linked above as well as part 1 and 2 of the on-demand series linked here.
Professional Development

Who Should Attend?

If you watched the On-Demand How To Import Into The US 2-part series and have questions to pose to the experts then this is for you! Haven't seen the On-Demand series yet? Check it out below and we'll be here waiting for your return.


On-Demand Topics Include

By taking Part 1 you will walk away with a good understanding of what US Customs and other participating agencies require, how to complete required documentation accurately, who in your supply chain is responsible for what, the large role tariff classification and country of origin play in your bottom line, types of entries available to you, and so much more. With the information you gain in this course not only will you lay a solid foundation of compliance for your business, but also for expanding your knowledge of other trade topics like customs valuation, H.S. tariff classification, and free trade agreements.

  • Responsibility of the importer

  • Role of the customs broker

  • CBP and participating government agencies

  • Country of origin

  • Tariff classification

  • Free trade agreement eligibility

  • Required documents and forms


Setting out to learn how to import your goods across international borders brings with it enough questions as it is and at times may seem like the answers you do find only raise more questions. We've put together some preliminary questions that this course will directly answer and encourage you to bring your questions to our expert who will gladly address them for you during this live Q&A during this live Q&A.

  • What is the importer responsible for?

  • What does a customs broker do?

  • How do I fill out a US Customs Invoice?

  • What does customs compliance mean?

  • What questions should I be asking my customs broker?

  • How do I prove customs compliance to US Customs?


  • Breanna Leininger

    Operations Manager - US

    Breanna Leininger

    Licensed Customs Broker and Certified Customs Specialist with over 17 years' experience in the import-export industry. Breanna is the Operations Manager with PCB Customs Brokers (USA).
  • Stefanie Tokarchuk

    Education Coordinator

    Stefanie Tokarchuk

    Green to the international trade industry, Stefanie is the newest member of the Marketing team at PCB Customs Brokers. A Kwantlen Polytechnic University Alumni with a bachelors in Graphic Design for Marketing, Stefanie is a born creative, up for any challenge, and learning about trade right along side you.