Are you responsible for your company's customs compliance into Canada or the US? If you are familiar with international trade then you likely know that customs valuation is only one of the many complex aspects of importing and exporting that you must consider. With so many rules surrounding each method of valuation (or appraisement) it is hard to know which is the correct method to apply. The CBSA, CRA, CBP and IRS are completely separate government agencies that at times value goods differently than one another; therefore, it is important to know what is acceptable to which agency.

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Professional Development

Are you a professional designate? Whether you’re a CCS, CES, CTCS, MES, a legal, accounting, trade or logistics professional we’ve got your annual maintenance points and/or study material for your continuing education here. With this course you will earn 5 CCS points from CSCB and 4 CCS / CES / MES points from NEI towards your designation(s). NOTE: To earn the CSCB points, you must tune into this on-demand segment followed by the live expert roundtable on Oct 1, 2020.
Professional Development

Who Should Attend?

The material in this course is relevant to someone within your company responsible for the customs compliance or accounting portion of your import process or looking for professional development credit. Whether you are the Owner, Manager, Supervisor, Coordinator or Logistics staff of a company importing into Canada or the U.S., under review by customs, confused on which valuation method is correct, exhibiting reasonable care, or needing points for your professional designation then this is for you.


Topics Include

By taking this course you will be walked through the definitions of each of the six methods of valuation including real-life applications for each to have a better understanding of how to value your products for customs purposes. Not only will you learn additional customs valuation related definitions and application cases for “price paid or payable”, what constitutes a sale, deductions and additions, first sale, pitfalls and penalties and how to avoid them but also how rulings can help your bottom line so you can import and value your goods with confidence.

  • First sale and price paid or payable

  • Methods of appraisement / valuation

  • Deductions and additions

  • Related party transactions

  • Valuation pitfalls and monetary penalties

  • Reasonable care and reason to believe

  • Rulings


Setting out to learn how to import your goods across international borders brings with it enough questions as it is and at times may seem like the answers you do find only raise more questions. We've put together some preliminary questions that this course will directly answer and encourage you to bring your questions and scenarios to our expert who will gladly field them for you.

  • What if the value is 0?

  • What constitutes a sale for customs?

  • What is a first sale?

  • What method of customs valuation should I choose?

  • What is a related party transaction?

  • What does reason to believe mean?

"Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought."

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Warehouse and Distribution Manager, Jackpot Digital Inc.

Christopher Danton

Warehouse and Distribution Manager, Jackpot Digital Inc.

Deepened my knowledge of general info and especially on AMPS and amendments timeline.
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  • April Collier

    Trade Advisor

    April Collier

    Licensed Customs Broker and Certified Customs Specialist with over 35 years' experience in the import-export industry. April is a Senior Trade Advisor with Pacific Customs Brokers (USA).
  • Annette Rowan

    Trade Advisor

    Annette Rowan

    Certified Customs Specialist, Certified Trade Compliance Specialist and Licensed Customs Broker with over 11 years' experience in Canadian customs brokerage. Annette is a Trade Advisor with Pacific Customs Brokers (Canada).
  • Adriana Petty-Zamora

    Marketing Coordinator & Asst. Graphic Designer

    Adriana Petty-Zamora

    Adriana has spearheaded Pacific Customs Brokers' education program for the last 8 years. With a natural knack for hosting in-person events, online webinars and a love for being on camera she takes on the role of the importer/exporter to moderate, introduce you to PCB and pose your questions to our experts in global trade.