Course Description

In Part 1 you learned how to avoid triggering a customs audit by creating a set of practice standards for Canada Customs compliance and in Part 2 you will learn how to put those practices to work for you with what to do and what to expect when your company is selected for a Canada Customs audit. If you are responsible for your company's customs compliance into Canada then Part 2 of this series is particularly for you.

  • In-class seminar

  • Thursday, September 19, 2019

  • 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm PT

  • Pacific Customs Brokers, 17637 1st Avenue, Surrey, BC

  • $80 USD

Professional Development

Are you a professional designate? We’ve got your annual maintenance points here. Whether you’re a CCS, CES, MES, CTCS, a legal, accounting, trade or logistics professional we’ve got your continuing education material. With this course you will earn a total of 5 CCS/CTCS points from CSCB towards your designation(s).
Professional Development

Who Should Attend?

The material in this course is relevant to parties responsible for customs documentation and audits within your company's Canadian import process or if you're looking for professional development credit. Whether you are the Owner, Manager, Supervisor, Coordinator or Logistics staff of a company importing into Canada, under review by CBSA, with newly hired staff, or needing points for your professional designation then this is for you.


Topics Include

In-depth compliance verifications by customs agencies in recent years require that both importers and exporters establish adequate internal controls as well as maintain well-documented compliance procedures so in Part 2 you will understand voluntary disclosure, reasonable care and the various types of audits to which your company will be subject. By taking Part 2 not only will you build upon your customs compliance foundation by diving deeper into the Part 1 topics but most crucially your take away will be a better understanding of what to do and what to expect when your company is selected for a trade compliance verification - aka a customs audit.

  • Trade compliance verifications

  • Customs audit triggers

  • Reasonable care

  • Record keeping

  • Risks of non-compliance

  • Monetary penalties and delays

  • Voluntary disclosure


When you open that trade compliance verification notification in the mail your first question is probably, "Now what?" Your first step should always be to call your customs broker, but aside from that attending this course is a great resource to get answers to all those questions that are about to start flowing your way. Even just to begin with many questions arise from setting out to learn how to import your goods across international borders and at times it seems like the answers you find only raise more questions. We've put together some preliminary questions that this course will directly answer and encourage you to bring your questions to our expert who will gladly field them for you.

  • My company was selected for a Canada Customs Audit, now what?

  • What is the importer responsible for?

  • What does a customs broker do for you during an audit?

  • How do I know if our customs compliance is adequate?

  • What is reasonable care?

  • What questions should I be asking my customs broker?

  • How do I fix an error on an old entry submitted to customs?


You may register for any one or both sessions in the series. Receive almost 20% off by registering for Part 1 and 2 together! The listed price is in USD and includes GST tax.

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 Office Worker, Mystical Distributing Co. Ltd.

Viola Summers

Office Worker, Mystical Distributing Co. Ltd.

Touched on all aspects for importing/exporting - great session.
Senior Buyer, Morgan Creek Tropicals

Marcy Emery

Senior Buyer, Morgan Creek Tropicals

Excellent and thorough information on the audit process!
Inventory Clerk, Western Warehouse

Dawn Peter

Inventory Clerk, Western Warehouse

Tons of helpful information, now I know more about where we need to improve.
President, ACS Composite Systems Inc.

Lorrel White

President, ACS Composite Systems Inc.

Increased my awareness of what is required.
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  • Cherie Storms

    Operations Manager

    Cherie Storms

    Licensed Customs Broker, Certified Customs Specialist and Certified Trade Compliance Specialist with over 14 years' experience in the import-export industry. Cherie is the Operations Manager with Pacific Customs Brokers (Canada).