Do you classify your product line for your company’s or customers’ customs documentation? Do you want to better understand how your customs broker determines an HS code? If yes, then this workshop is perfect for you. You will learn the step-by-step process of accurate classification, composition considerations and when binding rulings are recommended. There's a common misconception that tariff classification is as simple as looking it up in the tariff (and sometimes it is!); however, without considering all the aspects that play a role in the classification of a product, you may be inaccurately classifying it and therefore underpaying duty or worse, sometimes even overpaying!

  • In-class workshop

  • Thursday, September 24, 2020

  • 9:00 am - 3:15 pm PT

  • Pacific Customs Brokers, 17637 1st Avenue, Surrey, BC

  • $130 USD

Professional Development

Are you a professional designate? Whether you’re a CCS, CES, CTCS, MES, a legal, accounting, trade or logistics professional we’ve got your annual maintenance points and/or study material for your continuing education here. With this course you will earn 5 CCS / CES / MES points from NEI towards your designation(s).
Professional Development

Who Should Attend?

The material in this course is relevant to anyone within your company involved in the classification portion of your import process or looking for professional development credit. Whether you are the Owner, Manager, Supervisor, Coordinator or Logistics staff of a company importing into Canada or the U.S., utilizing multiple customs brokers, under review by customs, with newly hired staff, or needing points for your professional designation then this is for you.


Topics Include

By taking this course you will walk away with a better understanding of HS code selection with real-time examples of the process so you can directly apply the knowledge at the office. You will learn the ABCs of HS tariff classification from explaining to you what exactly an HS code is to walking you through the classification process of the commodity of your choice! With the knowledge you gain from this course not only will you lay a solid foundation of compliance for your business - as correct tariff classification is the basis of all else in a customs entry - but you will also learn how to follow the GRI rules and how to apply for binding rulings that help your bottom line so you can import with confidence.

  • Harmonized commodity description

  • Coding system and classification aids

  • Structure, legal text and explanatory notes

  • General rules of interpretation (GRI)

  • Duty rates and binding rulings

  • Countervailing duty vs anti-dumping duty

  • Shared responsibility and informed compliance


Setting out to learn how to import your goods across international borders brings with it enough questions as it is and at times may seem like the answers you do find only raise more questions. We've put together some preliminary questions that this course will directly answer and encourage you to bring your questions to our experts who will gladly field them for you.

  • How do I classify my product?

  • What is tariff classification?

  • What are General Rules of Interpretation and Explanatory Notes?

  • How to follow GRI rules?

  • What is antidumping and countervailing duty?

  • How to apply for a binding ruling?


The listed price is in USD and includes GST tax.

"The road to success is always under construction."

- George Boas


Logistics Coordinator, Lenmark Industries

Jon Huber

Logistics Coordinator, Lenmark Industries

Well put together, feel comfortable with attempting to classify.
International Operations, BuildDirect

Robert Palma

International Operations, BuildDirect

Helped in understanding of classification and how to follow the GRI rules.
Import Coordinator, Urban Barn

Mark Zhong

Import Coordinator, Urban Barn

It was very helpful and informational. It exceeded my expectations.
Corporate Administrative Assistant, Bartlett Tree Experts

Cindy Brown

Corporate Administrative Assistant, Bartlett Tree Experts

Great information today. I now have a good understanding of my responsibilities as the importer.
Project Coordinator, Glass 3 Enterprises Ltd.

Biniiam Woldegabir

Project Coordinator, Glass 3 Enterprises Ltd.

You took a lot of time to address our specific questions!
Supply Chain Coordinator, BuildDirect

Lydia Liu

Supply Chain Coordinator, BuildDirect

I feel more confident as I’ve gained good general knowledge of HS code classification through this workshop. It’s quite good overall.
Warehouse and Distribution Manager, Jackpot Digital Inc.

Christopher Danton

Warehouse and Distribution Manager, Jackpot Digital Inc.

Understanding of H.S. code selection - confirmation of my understanding. Good examples; could be applied widely.
Sales Support Specialist, Westmill Industries

Jenny Jeffries

Sales Support Specialist, Westmill Industries

Very helpful! Info on essential character and country of origin especially enlightening.
Logistics Coordinator, BuildDirect

Noor Balolia

Logistics Coordinator, BuildDirect

You helped me understand what exactly HS Codes are!
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  • April Collier

    Trade Advisor

    April Collier

    Licensed Customs Broker and Certified Customs Specialist with over 35 years' experience in the import-export industry. April is a Senior Trade Advisor with Pacific Customs Brokers (USA).
  • Annette Rowan

    Trade Advisor

    Annette Rowan

    Certified Customs Specialist, Certified Trade Compliance Specialist and Licensed Customs Broker with over 11 years' experience in Canadian customs brokerage. Annette is a Trade Advisor with Pacific Customs Brokers (Canada).